Text in right floating image stack mis-aligns

As shown below, I have a 2 column stack with left floating image alongside a right floating image (standard RW stacks).

For some reason the text in the right stack drops down a line and it’s impossible to align. The images are fine. This seems to happen a lot with right aligned text, not just in these floating image stacks.

I remember this from years back but don’t think I ever solved the problem using these regular stacks - must have done something else. Any ideas why this happens?

Are you typing that in or copy-paste?

Good question - I’m making a minor amendment to a 5 year old site! I imagine it was typed originally - certainly not C&P from Word. I would only ever alt-cmd-V to paste anyway

ok I do understand

Looking into it a bit more - Aligning centre drops a line also in either stack… Left align in either stack is always fine. No difference if typed in or pasted.

Wondering if it’s the theme - just tested in foundation and whilst looks misaligned in preview, the published page is fine

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