Image Stack not working HELP PLEASE

I used to be able to use the 2 column feature. Place a text box on one side and image stack on the other. I could drag my image into the image stage and it would automatically resize evenly with the text stack. This is no longer the case.

I have rapid weaver 7 and stacks 3. I have tried to place photos on my site using the image stacks. The images don’t work. Sometimes I pull an image but I am unable to resize it. It will take up perhaps a quarter of the box. I tried the Box stack, the Image Layer stack, which has a resizing function that does not work either. And I cannot drop and drag any photos from resources (I used to be able to do this is stacks 6).

How do I place an image into the page?? How do I resize it once it is there? Please help!!!

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I don’t have RW7 anymore myself as I’ve recently reinstalled all my Mac Apps. But there are plenty of us on here that will still have a copy of it and can try and replicate the problem.

What theme are you using?

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