Image optomisation for upload

(Paul Reading) #1

I am planing a round the world yacht cruise and will be in some very remote places and want to post a blog for my family and friends to keep up with us. As a result I need off line blogging software (RW - tick).

However in trying the software I have an issue with images. Is there a plugin that will optimise images on the fly so that I do not need to re-size them before dropping them into RW? My camera produces images that are natively up to 14mb each and I want to just drop them into the pages and for the software to handle the resolution.

I want my uploads to be the absolute minimum sizes possible.

(chuck berhain) #2

If you use a mac ?

(Paul Reading) #3

I have Photoshop and “Mass Image re-sizer”, but I won’t know the optimal size until I have positioned the image in the page. I am looking for a plug in the will optimise the images when you hit “publish”.

(Doug Bennett) #4

To my knowledge, there isn’t one. It’s a manual process to crop, resize and optimize images.

(Thomas Roegner) #5

After resizing use also “Squash” from
Squashes really some bits and bytes out of the pics.

(MRO) #6

You could also just use the Gallery Stack from InStacks and create a shared folder in Photos (Mac, iPhone etc.) to upload to iCloud and share it on your page that way…?

(chuck berhain) #7

“but I won’t know the optimal size until I have positioned the image in the page”
Decide/design a Blog template with a fixed photo size, use a program that can batch edit your photos to that size, and you are (virtually) finished.
If you haven’t looked at Poster stack, it might give you some ideas?

(Paul Reading) #8

I think that is the only solution if no-one has made an optimiser.

I can’t use iCloud as suggested by Basswow as I will be using a sat phone data contract for much of the time. Data is charged by the minute.

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