Wich app to resize images?

I use Image Tools to resize my images. But it looks that this app is very old now.
So I am looking for an easy app to resize my images. These images will be used on the RW made sites.
Is Aperçu usefull for that?
Any other proposition?
Thank you.

PS I use Image Optim to reduce them afterwards.


Hi Dominique

Preview can do this review for you. If you want some automation, Automator can resize all images in a folder. A simple workflow can be built to take all of your images and resize them to a specific size. I wrote something a long time ago:

I hope it helps.


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I like PhotoBulk.http://mac.eltima.com/bulk-image-editor.html

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Photobulk also will optimize your images in bulk.

So @modrellik, what software did you end up choosing?

Personally, I use ImageOptim because Joe Workman suggested it in one of his podcasts or video’s along the way, I also use PhotoBulk, Preview.app and sometimes Pixelmator but I really have to get a Vector program on the cheap lol as I want to deal more with .svg’s.


Image well is quick and easy

I’ve been very happy with PhotoJob 2 for bulk resizing images. Currently 50% off at the App store.

@Turtle: Finding a cheap SVG program is not easy! I use Omnigraffle to create most of my SVGs (and I use it for a bunch of other reasons). Affinity Designer also handles SVGS well: I use it not to create SVGS but rather to transform some other artwork into SVGs. So if you already have either of those 2 apps then you’re in really good shape. Probably not very helpful for you, but if you need to transform scans to SVGs (one color only) then I love Image Vectorizer (and it is cheap and in the App store).

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Thanks @Mathew, will investigate. Appreciate the leads.


Thank you all for your help.
Excuse my mistake : I wrote Apercu (french) wich is Preview in English :slightly_smiling:
And by searching on my iMac, I found Image Smith that I forgot :slightly_smiling:
This app looks good.
I use Image Optim (Thx Joe Workman) after to gain weight.
Have a nice day and Happy Weaving

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I’ve been using Graphic Converter since OS9 days. It is very good at bulk actions. Of course Photoshop can also automate this sort of thing and, as @goinup says, Automator is good at this sort of thing, too. In fact, I’m surprised that Automator seems to be ignored by most Mac users.

I’ve used ImageOptim since the podcast and has done me well so far but I could try the others mentioned above… Nothing ventured and all that.

Quick resizer ($0.99 on mac app store).

Drag in images, choose longest side, set length, click go.

Only bugbear is can’t set target name - <original_name>_resized is what it produces.

works with jpg & png and you can set jpg quality (in preferences)

worth a look…

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@modrellik Hi, because I had a bit of spare cash I purchased Realmac’s SQUASH. Previously I used Photoshop Elements to prepare Web Images. However, because it is quick drag & drop, and without hardly any effort, I now use it for 80-90% of my resizing of images for Rapidweaver. A nice little tool methinks.

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Spare cash… what is that? Can I provide you with with my bank’s name? :slight_smile:

Another happy ImageOptim user here…

I like Dropfix - (link here) you can resize entire folders of images to reduce the height and width pixel size to a maximum size (great for creating “thumbnails”) and compress images as well. It can also rename the “fixed files”, so if you are using the awesome “ProGallery 2” stack from stacks4stacks you can resize and rename hundreds of thumbnail images in minutes, and have them renamed with “_thumb” as a suffix!

delete… nevermind… sorry…

I started this post a long time ago :slight_smile:

As I had spare cash lol, I bought Photobulk and Squash. Perfect for my needs.

Have a good day

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I also use Applescript droplets that are setup for the most common sizes I use. Just drop an image on the droplets and it’s resized. Then drop it onto ImageOptim and it’s ready to go.

A quick FYI. ImageOptim is great and I use that one all the time nearly every day. But a couple of RW users have complained quite vocally that it stripped all their copyright / EXIF data from images.

What a lot of people might not of noticed is that if you open the preferences for ImageOptim, there are a surprising quantity of settings you can adjust:

Particularly for PNG images, some of these settings can have quite a dramatic effect on optimisation speed. And this is where you can also go to tell ImageOptim if you want it to preserve your image EXIF / copyright info.

This might be of use if you have not spotted these ‘hidden’ options before.

I like DropFix too for batch resizing, naming and saving images. An oldie but goodie!

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