Photos edit for fast upload

Seeking recommendations on best practices editing photos for fast website upload. Thanks–

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There are all kinds of image optimizers out, both online and apps.

Don’t forget to resize the image before you do anything. You can do that with preview.

If you have a lot to do (resize, optimize and even watermark) might have a look at


@danofhope PhotoBulk can be very helpful. As @teefers mentions this is all somewhat dependent on how many images you might be dealing with.

My favorite bulk photo app is Retrobatch (Photobulk is my second choice). More here:

I also like the TinyPNG website for the last stage: optimization. More here:

If you are only dealing with a small number of images you may want to consider the free web based Photoshop Express:

Finally I have some recent videos that may be helpful:
For Retrobatch:

and for PS Express:

for handling screenshots that are included in a webpage (really the same points but done just for screenshots):

If we aren’t answering your “real” question then be more specific and we can help out more.


Along with ImageOpotim and Retrobatch you can add ResizeMaster.
I think the aim is to keep file sizes as small as possible but with quality you find acceptable and that only comes through experience and practice. Some folks use images that are just too unnecessarily large for their pages. And if its a series of unnecessarily large images, then that’s the worst.
You might also look into warehousing your images.

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Chuck, Thanks for helpful leads.
– Dan

Matthew, Thanks for the great leads.
– Dan

Doug, Thanks for the lead.
– Dan

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