Image set link box

I’m trying to pass a variable $_GET between two stacks using a link between an image in page 1 and a variable in page 2.
This are the settings tested:

Stack 1. stack image with in set link box:

Advanced área in image selection:
flag Add Link ->on
Edit link to the page 2 where I like to receive the value of variable.
In box of Set link:
I have test with put into the title of link page: page2?Variable=10020100
also used page2.php?Variable=10020100
In page 2: $course=$GET[Variable];

NO value is coming in page 2

New Test:
In Set link Box:

Title: page 2 (link)
in custom attribute: Variable
in value 10020100

NO value is coming in page 2

Test 3 (this is only to verify the code in page2 is working:

If I make a direct call by button:
Variable 10020100 is coming in page2.

What I miss?
I didn’t find any information in manual, documentation, tutorial or knowledge base about it.
Can help me? is possible to pass this variable $_POST?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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