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Some of you might remember my question about difficulty publishing my website after I upgraded to RW8. Nobody could answer, and despite lots of helpful suggestions, all of which I followed to no avail. turns out its something to do with the blog page. Remove it, and everything works … god knows why. anyhow it seems easier to rebuild my site, and so silly question 1: what is the ideal image size for my photo gallery page? I can’t find any guidelines anywhere…

It’s file size that’s important, rather than image dimensions IMHO. Different people have different ideas about this, but images should certainly be less than 200KB in size if possible. There are always exceptions to this of course - for example, if you only have a few images and it’s important that they’re displayed in high quality.

Use something like PhotoBulk or ImageOptim or JPGMini to reduce the size of the image if you need to.



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Besides what Rob said – dimension-wise, never make your images bigger than the size of your page. For example, if your page is 1000px wide, don’t make your images wider than that. Of course, in case of banners spanning the entire browser-window, you will probably need to make them wider.

As far as image quality is considered, I found out that compressing images to the quality of 35-40% is rather safe, without adverse quality degradation. Your opinion, of course, may vary.

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