Image size in inches and or pixels and what resolution for a photography website

What is the best size in inches and or pixels and what resolution for quality viewing on a website? I have an older version of RapidWeaver but will consider updating to 7. Will themes from RW5.3 work with 7?

I usually use 72 pxs

Don’t think there’s a one size fits all answer.
With newer responsive designs it harms your performance to have larger images load then the page can display.
So if you have an area that is only 600px wide, having an image that’s any wider won’t look any better as the browsers will shrink it down to fit. However the larger file sizes can really slow down the page load time.
Once you resize images so they aren’t larger than the area they get displayed in, then there’s lots of options to optimize for the web. Those options are discussed on quite a few posts here on this forum, so I would suggest you do some searching. Most of them do effect the quality of the image.
Anything above 72dpi doesn’t improve your quality, that’s the highest that can be displayed.

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I would only add one thing that usually isn’t obvious to new webpage designers.

If you want your images to be compatible with Retina and similar displays, leave the resolution at its standard, which is 72ppi and instead double the dimensions of your photos.

As far as using old themes with RW7, I would look only for responsive themes. I believe version 5 included mostly (or exclusively) unresponsive ones.

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also see this post:

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