Image slider example

I am looking for an image slider that looks like this.
any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know, I can’t think of an RW slider that duplicates that setup. It’s rather nice. I think it’s been built with this -

The Gallery in Foundry gets you part of the way but not all of it.

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Splider seems to have some, maybe not all, of the options you’re looking for.

The just released update to Splider has added greatly to its capabilities, have a look at this demo, the Destroy and Mount seem to achieve a similar effect to the site you published

I am looking for control like the example attached. Does Slider allow this?

For the forward and back arrows you’d probably have to add something in manually. If you want the image to take up the full screen/go back to a smaller size again then you’re probably looking for a gallery stack with a pop up light of instead of a slider stack.

There are a few ro look at but don’t have te details to hand at the moment

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