A while ago I stumbled across a gallery stack that let me display photos in a staggered fashion. Was wondering if someone knew what it was?

What it looked like was instead of having the first photo line up to the second photo the second photo would line up to the mid-way point of the first photo. Then the bottom of the third photo would line up to the mid-point of the second photo. I hope that description makes sense. As I went back to try and find that gallery stack I somehow can’t find it now. Does anyone know what I am talking about and remember what it was called?

I might also try a stack like Shutter but I first wanted to see several options out there before I start making a gallery.

I use Shutter, everyday…love it!
No idea on the other.

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Perhaps Splider:

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Yeah the different views look incredible with Shutter! I can see how there would be enough options to keep trying different layouts on each page for a long time. Right now my site has just one short gallery which is a basic grid and light-box using the gallery stack from Foundry.

@Fuellemann Wow Splider has a lot of functions too! I think I’m especially intrigued by the grid with custom array. so they can scroll through different sizes.

From your description, it sounds like these 2 stacks might be what you’re after.

Masonry or Montage

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I like that rollover effect where it zooms in with Montage.

optional in shutter

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Yeah, I’ve been going along with the Foundry features for so long now in some ways in makes sense to go along with the tool-set which is under the same umbrella.

Shutter is part of the Foundry family.
Sample in Foundry: http://www.ibize.com/Foundry-Shutter/





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My Photo stack has the layout that I think you are referring to.

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Great, more to look at I may try different gallery stacks for several different pages. @rolisize I’ve never seen one that is like that one that is half lyrics half image. Interesting how it doesn’t put all the visual important on the image. I could see some uses for that. One of my pages is has a song clip and short description about it. In this case it seemed best to use an accordion but I could see other instances where something like that would work very well.

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Maybe you will find something suitable here:


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