Missing images in Rapidweaver/Stacks - Anyone know how to re-create this issue?

Does everyone know that Rapidweaver has a really nasty bug in it that removes images from Gallery 3? I e-mailed Jannis the developer when it happened to me. She said e-mail Rapidweaver and Your Head. I did e-mail a comprehensive explanation of the issue to said folk almost three weeks ago now and have received no replies.

Basically I have two sites that have a number of photo galleries in them that all the images from the galleries suddenly disappeared. Roughly 500 images.

According to a snippet from the Your Head Software website this was a known problem in Rapidweaver 7 but I can assure you it still has a devastating impact in the up to date version of Rapidweaver 8.

It’s not related to Gallery Stack 3.

There a various people stating in the past that their images get lost from Stacks pages and also plain RW pages. These might be different origins, but at the end it seems the RW project file gets corrupted.

Solution please!

Maybe @dan has an idea. Thanks.

This is why I have written this today. I asked Dan three or more weeks ago after I first contacted you about it and have had a deafening silence.

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Hey all,

We’ve seen a few reports of this, but we’re not sure why (or how) it could be happening.

If anyone knows how to reproduce it or has any more information on how it happened to their file please let us know.

We take these reports seriously and are looking over the code that handles resources to try and determine why it might be happening. However, unless we can reproduce it here, it’s hard for us to fix it…

If you have a project that it has happened in, please feel free to send it over to me: dan@realmacsoftware.com - be sure to link to this thread so I know what it’s regarding. I’m especially interested in projects where the issue has happed with built-in page styles (i.e. Styled text page).


Hello Dan

Thanks for finally getting back over this issue. It really has caused lots of problems on two of my sites. https://puffinuspuffinus.suckedslant.uk - https://puffinuspuffinus21.suckedslant.uk is the one affected. & https://anyoneforflowers.suckedslant.uk

I will send you a drop box link to the https://puffinuspuffinus21.suckedslant.uk file, but it’s not visible on the net right now because Dreamhost seem to have failed to automatically update the Let’s Encrypt Certificate which ran out yesterday 3rd June so then Cloud Flare can’t see it presumably. Hopefully they will resolve that fairly quickly.

If I look at previous years sites then all the images are there in the Gallery Stacks and online. But they have all pretty much gone in the 2021 site on my computer except for some in the Landscapes section, which I have tried to restore.

The main part (Blog Pages) off the 2021 site seems to be okay but I daren’t upload anything to the Gallery Stacks because it will wipe out what’s on the server.

In a little more detail ( I hope I can explain this well enough not being particularly tech minded.)

All the various images in various Gallery 3 pages just suddenly disappeared while I was working on the site. It left images boxes either blank or with a question mark in them.

One of the ages Landscapes Pleno I have tried to repair because it has completely blank image boxes. But when I uploaded it not all the pictures were there, in the wrong order and some images that were not obvious on the preview page then appeared when one opened the enlarged version and started to scroll through them. Although the scrolling feature only worked in one direction.

It was more serious in my other site. This was also being worked on at the same time. If you look at the Gallery Stacks Pages you can see that all the images have gone and in some cases been replaced with Blank white squares. If you want a copy of this File please let me know. https://anyoneforflowers.suckedslant.uk Unfortunatle I hit the upload button before I realised what was going on.

I hope this is clear and obviously please come back to me if I can give you anything else.

Thank you

Mike Ball

Thanks for the @Nucifraga, we’re looking into it now.

Firstly, do you store your project files on a cloud service such as Dropbox?

Secondly, the Dropbox link you sent didn’t work as it requires an account - Can you send us a download link for the file (Dropbox should be able to do that).

Also, you don’t happen to have an old copy of the project file before the images were lost do you? If so can you send us that file too. This would be most helpful so we can compare.


Hello Dan


I think this is the link you need.

I do not use drop box to store things.

I thin I stopped backup on the Hard drive this all stored on so I will look and see if I have an earlier copy.

I will send it through if I have it.

Thank you for the help.


Hello Dan

I have now uploaded and earlier version of the file to my Dropbox but have removed the first one on the assumption that you would have removed it by now.

[Dropbox - PuffinusPuffinus2021 copy.rw8.zip - Simplify your life](https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8oyt01z85leta1/PuffinusPuffinus2021 copy.rw8.zip?dl=0)



@Nucifraga Thanks for this, we’ve been looking at the load and save code for RW and we’ve been unable to detect any issues. It looks solid. We’ve only seen reports of this with Stacks pages (we’re not saying it’s 100% a stacks issue, we’re just trying to narrow it down). It could still totally be RapidWeaver’s problem.

I’m wondering if the images are being cached somewhere by Stacks, and perhaps the cache is being cleared out before the save happens. RW saves the project file with the now missing images…

We’re grasping at straws here… we’ve not been able to replicate the issue and can’t see any issues in the code :frowning:

If anyone has a hunch on what is causing this issue or better yet knows a way to recreate it the information would be greatly appreciated!

@Isaiah Any ideas on this?

Hello Dan

Thanks for trying and I wish you luck in ultimately finding the problem. If it happens again I will be sure to let you know.

As it is, it is back to manually repairing the damage.

Ah well


Hi Mike,

Sorry to jump in here a few hours late – my name is Isaiah and I’m the developer of Stacks.

Firstly, I’d love to have a look at an earlier version of this file if you have it. It sounded like you did from the posts above – but after downloading both links they appear to be the same – or very similar. Both seem to be missing many images.

If you have a copy of the file prior to the issues, I think it could be very helpful and potentially help in resurrecting the file.

Second, I think it would be good to try to understand what is happening here. Often in the past when I’ve seen file corruption issues, there are some other utilities or or “cleaners” that have, noticing a large cache directory “cleaned” it of images.

Utilities like CleanMyMac, MacKeeper, and MacCleaner – when run while RapidWeaver and Stacks are open and working can be aggressive when they see a very large cache of images. Running these when RapidWeaver is closed is fine, of course – but removing cached images while RapidWeaver is open can affect the integrity of the file.

But lastly, I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk a bit about the file itself. Even without many of its images the file weighs in at 1.1GB. I suspect that with the remainder of the images it was substantially larger. This is, in itself, can pose a problem – at least sometimes.

Saving, copying, and publishing such a large amount of data takes a considerable amount of time, can eat a lot of memory, and if really bring an otherwise fast computer to its knees but mostly, well… there may be better and easier ways to get the job done.

Although I don’t think this is the source of the problem, I do think it could (1) save you a lot of times and (2) just eliminate the problem ever happening again.

Image Warehousing
Since most of the vast size of your file is not pages or layout, it’s just lots of pictures – warehousing could cut the project down dramatically.
Warehousing is when you upload your images in a central folder on your site just once – then instead of dragging the images into RapidWeaver you provide the location of the image in your warehouse.

There are, of course, many stacks that make it as easy – in fact even the stack that you are using “Gallery 3” has a built in way to link to a folder of images. This makes adding new images as easy as uploading them to a folder. You don’t even have to open or upload the RapidWeaver project.

This would likely make your site much much smaller, quick to publish, and much easier to work with and as a side effect it would avoid any future issues with missing images.

I should also mention that there are lots of folks on the RapidWeaver forum that probably have many ideas and suggestions for how to best transition to warehoused images.


Hello Isaiah

Thank you ever so much for your considered reply.

I found that the difference between the pre problem saving of the site and the after problem version was a case of swings and roundabouts. Yes I could go back and use the pre problem version but that meant I would have to update blog pages that I had added since the problem plus a few stack page images. Whereas I would only have to repair the stacks pages (which I am in the process of doing) if I carried on with the after problem one. Dan has looked at both and cannot see any issues.

I will very much be more careful about not running Clean My Mac (Which is the one I use.) when I have these sites open. That makes a lot of sense and perhaps could be the cause this time.

Thanks for you comments about the file itself. Yes the file is huge and that’s why I started doing doing annual blogs within the one site and even then splitting each year into four monthly parts. It seems about 64Gb is the largest file size my computer can manage. 2012 Mac with 16GB Ram

Warehousing Yes I need to learn how to do it. I quite agree. I find some of the computer side quite daunting eg Finally going https and getting the little lock took four goes over two years.

Can you use warehousing for the images in Blog pages or just the Gallery 3 pages?

I will now certainly act upon your suggestions but it might take me some time.


Thank you ever so much for all the help.



I’d just like to thank Dan and Isaiah for their time and help in trying to understand the problems I encountered. I would also like to thank them for a number of pointers about where I can improve things. Thank you both. All the best Mike


@isiah just also wanted to say thank you for your considered reply. I had this exact same issue about 12 months ago and I have to say I think your comment about “cleaner” products might have been spot on for me as I also use CleanmyMac. The good news is it forced me to embrace warehousing and in the process I have become a mean little Transmit user. :blush:

This may not be relevant to the problem but the image files I have looked at on your sites are much too big. You get absolutely no benefit on screen from showing 1mb+ files - and they load very slowly. Get them down to 150-250kb max.

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