Impact question

Am new to RW and updating a site. Getting confused!!

I have an mp4 hero home page using “impact”, this runs ok. However, I need three transparent captions/headers to drop-down seperately over time. Can I do this using “impact”? If yes how, or do I need another stack. The three seperate captions need to kinda slide down and stay in position.
Am using Foundation.

Please dont double post, it’s very annoying

Impact includes a second stack called Impact Animate.

Just select ‘Add Content’ in settings and a stack ‘well’ will appear over your video. You can now drop an Impact Animate stack into that and then add your header/caption. Add another two Animate stacks in the ame way and then add headers/captions to those. Then you can play with the animation direction, speed, start time to get the effect you’re after.

So it’s all in Impact.


So sorry, am new and didn’t realise.

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Thanks so much for the reply, your suggestion works, however I cant get the depth / centred that I need. Will go back and try again. Am using Foundation and the Impact stack, yes. Need more control of the depth and speed of decent from the top.

Just trying to update a site from DWeaver.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘depth / centred’?


All the captions glide down from the top, over an mp4 movie. As you can see, need a good depth and to allow timeing for each caption to glide into position. Attached is just a “still shot” of what I need. Have been searching today and cant find anything to suit my needs. Unless, I hope you know better.

OK, centred I understand, but I still don’t know what you mean by ‘depth’. Do you mean the height of the ‘WE’RE DESIGNERS’ text?


yes, how deep it goes on the page.

I’m being dense here I think.

Do you mean:

  1. How far down the ‘page’ the letters appear
  2. How high the actual letters are (i.e. how big the font is)


Yes, the depth - how far it drops down. Not the font size.

Something like this?


Yes, very much like that.


That’s all done with Impact, together with Header and Paragraph Pro and Joe’s Font Awesome stack. 'll PM you.


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