Child stacks: HeaderPro & Impact

I’m trying to integrate HeaderPro (from Big White Duck) and Impact (Joe Workman) but I can’t figure out what the process is to create a child stack. I’ve tried lifting the content and dumping it in the HeaderPro stack, and vice versa, but it’s not playing ball. I’ve created a slide show in an extra content area in the Hive Theme (Elixir Graphics) and I’d like to superimpose some text.

Could someone point me toward a tutorial which explains how Stacks 3 and these two stacks work together? (Sorry if this is really really dumb question)

Ah… the fact that the topic has been moved the Stacks forum to the Foundation forum tells me that child stacks is a foundation property - correct? In that case it won’t work in the Hive theme. I’ll go away and do some reading about that then. Sorry…

Hi, you have to enable the child stacks. In the header pro stack settings there is a setting called child stacks select the show icon and the child stacks will be available. You will see a blue circle with a plus sign, click on that and you will see additional options available

Thanks, rolisize. Is it the case that this option is only available to me if I’m working on a Foundation based project?

Firstly, I don’t know why this would be moved to the Foundation topic - that is wrong.

Neither stacks are Foundation only and the question does not relate to anything specific to Foundation at all. Child stacks are nothing to do with Foundation, they are a Stacks 3 feature -similarly with HeaderPro, it will work in any theme.

It sounds like that your problem is more related to the Impact foreground content and how to add it. You have two choices:
In the main Impact stack settings there is a checkbox to add foreground content. This will give you a drop zone for content that floats over all slides.

Alternatively, in the Impact Slide stack settings (where your image or video is set up) then there is also a foreground content option. This will enable a drop zone for content that will just be overlaid on that slide.

You can use either or both of these options and drop in whichever stacks you choose as foreground content.

If you want to animate Header Pro text in sync with Impact then you will indeed need to do as @rolisize says and enable the header pro child stacks (button at the top of the settings) and click the blue + button to add an animation effect.

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Andrew, thank you SO much! I wasn’t sure which addon made the “nesting” of stacks possible, so it was hard to figure out which developer to consult (and indeed which tutorial(s) to check) as I had three different ones going on here.

It’s a relief too, because the Hive-themed site looks good and will do the job while I get my head round the complications of Foundation and Total CMS as the permanent site. I didn’t want to spend hours switching horses again.

Thank you!

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