Impact Stack question

Or any anyone else who is familiar with this stack. I am looking for a slideshow stack. What I am curious is that can I add as many pictures in the slide show as I want? Can I run multiple slide shows on a page at one time etc? Does the stack automatically resize the pictures depending on what I set the parameters on? I keep hearing good things about this stack however I wish there was a trial period so I can see if my fishing club would like to use this or something else.

I and my club is loving the transition from Korelia however what does suck is that you have to buy everything and I mean everything that Korelia had in the program, that aside I love the stacks 3 and our club loves the new layout better than what we had with the Korelia software.

What we normally do is take lots and lots of pictures and would this stack be the right one for us? We like to use photo albums and slide shows.

How many is lots. The more you add, the slower the load time is gonna be, and this is for any slider stack, not just Impact. About resizing, yes, it will resize if you set it up right.

Here are 3 impacts on a page set to slightly diffrent timimgs and random orders

I would say min of 5 max of 20. I normally resize the pictures about 50kb to speed up load times on the site.

As long as the images sizes are that size, should not be an issue. If you want, I can test 20 images if you want to DM me a link to them and show you.

That would be great, Also I noticed on his site that there is a 50% off of a $50 or more purchase, is that still in effect?

That was only during Cyber Monday, sorry. Go ahead and DM me a link to the photos (click on my name and send a message).