Impact Vertically?

Trying to have a series of small images sliding vertically on a section of a page. I have Joe Workman’s Impact which seems to works okay horizontally - but not vertically. Am I missing something? Can Impact be made to work horizontally?

Any suggestions? Can I use Big White Duck’s Section Pro and Box to animate 4 images?

Impact can only slide on the horizontal, meaning left to right. It can not slide up and down or vertically.

Cycler does slide that way though. You can see it if you click the demo button on this page

Thanks Robert,

Will definitely check that out.

Can I ask one more question regarding Impact?

I have some small images that I’m trying to cycle (this is what I was hoping to do vertically but for now I’m making do horizontally). Thing is, they’re small - 120 pixels high - and when I get into mobile sizing they scale up to fill the screen and look lousy. I see there’s a Minimum Height setting in Impact Settings, but I guess I need a Maximum Height.

In other words I don’t want these images to ever scale up more than their actual size. Is this something I can do with Impact?

Thanks. I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

If you put them in a container (a Sections Pro stack, for example) and constrain that container to a maximum height, then Impact will stay within that container.