Impact v1.4.0 brings video to mobile. Finally!

This has been a very long requested feature. I am happy that we finally have the tech in iOS to support video on iOS now. Enjoy! And remember that large videos won’t load too well over a cellular connection.


Great addition Joe, thanks.

I’m actually having a slight issue with Impact…not sure if it an Impact issue or not.

I have Impact inside the new Foundry Thunder pack Float stack but the images don’t appear.

I have tested also with just an image in the Float stack and that works fine.

I have also tested Impact inside Better Float stack and same issue, the images don’t appear. So tend to think it is Impact.

I have used Impact inside Better Float before and no worries, worked great but just on this new project it isn’t displaying the images.

I’m on RW 8.0.3 (not willing to go to 8.1.x yet considering the issues) OS 10.14.3 Impact V 1.4.1 (brand new update)

I have tried various size settings in Impact but no luck. At the moment in the draft site I have Impact in twice, testing in Better Float and also Foundry Float and neither work.
But in another project Impact inside Better Float is working.

Any thoughts please?

Link to new draft site and screenshot attached.

Thanks Scott

I was not able to replicate the issue on the page but I think that I know what could be causing it. I just shipped v1.4.2. Give that a shot.

Hi Joe,

Yep, v1.4.2 sorted it…works like a dream.

Thanks mate for such a quick response, have a great day.

Cheers Scott

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