Impacts of the Agent Stack / Joe Workman

Do I understand right that one define not different device related pages? instead one launch some stacks/elements on the same page with information to display on mobile and other stacks/elements to be displayed on desktop?
This would keep the navigation of pages clearer but would stress the appearance in the layout mode.? Insn’t it?

Depends on your style. I personally like my projects tidy and clean, and I use most of the time Foundry from @Elixir wich comes with a very handy “group” stack that allows to collapse the group in edit mode.

This is a project with seven languages, and for desktop, Android (Thanks, @joeworkman for the Preview Stack Fix) and iOS (both mobile OS are handled differently with diffent app store links and different images):

So I can hide the content while editing and open the groups I need to work on:

This is a CTA group for a download button (it’s just an example):

The page itself looks different for each platform (and only the content for this platform is delivered to the device, so no iOS images on Android devices and vice versa, on desktop combined images and both app store links)

However, if the pages for desktop and mobile are more or less completely different, I have different pages for desktop and mobile, it’s easier to maintain:

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