Import Rapidweaver projekt

Is it possible to import an old projekt ? 2 mount ago I made a “export side”, and them deleted it from my mac. Buy now I can’t figure out how to import it to Rapidweaver

Hi Nick, if you mean with “…deleted it from my Mac” that you deleted the RapidWeaver project file then you have no chance of getting it back by “importing” the exported html files into RapidWeaver. It seems you deleted the most important thing: the project file. It’s the same as if you would have deleted an Adobe InDesign file after exporting a pdf from there: no chance to get back the InDesign file form the pdf. Or a psd (Photoshop) file from a jpg. It’s the same with many programs, not only with RapidWeaver. Here, you work with the project file and if it’s deleted – as I already said – there’s no way in getting it back. Don’t you have a backup from where you could get it back (even if it’s an older version)? If you even don’t have a backup then the only thing you can do is to create a new RapidWeaver project file, opens the files you exported 2 months ago in your browser and then copy and paste the content from there into the new RapidWeaver project.