HELP! Accidentally deleted a project from my computer

I can’t believe how I did it, but I did. I accidentally deleted my RapidWeaver project from my computer. Thankfully the website is still live and active but unless I recreate the entire site, I cannot access it to make any updates. Is there a way to UPLOAD the site into RapidWeaver? I hope so and appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you so much!

Did you set RW to backup to the server?

Do you run Time Machine on your Mac?

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No to both. Live and learn. Just got a new iMac and bought an external drive for backup. I will never make this mistake again. UG>

The only thing I can suggest to to use a utility app such as SiteSucker to grab (download) all the content from the site to your computer.

You will still have to rebuild the site from scratch with RW, but SiteSucker saves everything nicely into separate directories and makes it so much easier to find the page content. Any images you have resized etc will be downoaded as they are on the site at present, so you won’t have to go thought the process of searching for the originals.

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Can we get a url

You might stop using your computer(!) immediately and try and find a program/service to recover the deleted files.

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