Important Video Wall Update from Joe Workman - PLEASE READ

Today I rebased Video Wall v1.3.0 and is contains a very important new setting so that you can define your own API keys. Google has decided to throttle their YouTube API requests to 30k per day. Even though Video Wall cached API requests for 60 minutes, it was still hitting almost 90k hits per day.

There are now setting for YouTube and Vimeo API Keys. Even though Only Google started having issues today, I decided to allow you to define your own API keys for both services. If you do not define your own API key, your cache will be throttled to once per day. If you do take the 15 mins to get your own API key, then you now have access to the cache time in the settings!

The cache time is the amount of time api requests will be cached for your website. I recommend that you set this to as high as you can stand it. The higher the number, the faster the videos will load. However, this also means that it could take longer for new videos to show up on your webpages as well. You have the power now.

Here are the websites where you can get your API Keys:

Since this directly affects YouTube right now, here is a video that I found that reviews how to setup a YouTube API key on Google.


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