Importing Wordpress Site To New Rapidweaver Site

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I couldn’t find anything for my particular predicament.

Situation: I’ve been running a Wordpress site that on the surface is simply a static website for my small business but on the backend I am also hosting a podcast I produce.

Desire: I’d like to switch over to using Rapidweaver for my site

Question: Besides using the WP-Blog plug-in, is there a way to import the podcast feed into either the same URL or a new feed on a new Rapidweaver blog? I can’t find any information on hosting my own podcast via Rapidweaver (I’m currently using the Blubrry plug-in for Wordpress)

I have the same question as Dustin and I guess, since nobody has replied in a year the answer is No.

For the record, I have two sites, on in RW which I’m very happy with and one in WordPress which takes a lot more effort for no discernible benefit - its essentially a static site.

I’d love to hoover it up and stick it into RW where is could be maintained more easily.

Maybe an idea for someone…

Does this help?