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Thanks, Dan

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Hi Dan and Ben

It’s great that the podcast is back, thank you.

As a topic/question I’d be interested in your thoughts on techniques used to increase performance of web sites, and if there is anything specifically relevant to sites created with Rapidweaver. Are third party tools like Cloudflare and Javascript libraries like InstantClick worth considering, and if what do you recommend and when would you use them?

Thanks again for bringing back the podcast!



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Hi Guys,
I’m a newbie, writing a site for a charity, using RW 7.2 and Voyager (and it looks good!).
I’ve been researching on how to upload .pdfs to the site. One .pdf is a form to be downloadable; and the others are in a series of newsletters, each to be scrollable (and there are currently 65 of them!).
I’ve found I can copy a .pdf form to RW in Edit, but it is displayed in HTML format in Preview.
Nik Fletcher has said (Dec '15) such things are do-able in RW. But I note that this topic has been ongoing from Aug '15 with no resolve apparent.
So without resort to .zip(ping), or offsite, how’s it done, please?
Cheers Rob