Incorrect Logo Publishing

(Tim Wyllie) #1

I have a site - using Tesla Pro Theme.
I can’t get the same logo to publish to every page. For some reason, a different one appears on Home Page and Contact Page. the correct one is on the others. I have gone as far as deleting everything off file manager with host (iPage) and republishing the full site, still the problem remains. I can’t even see where the wrong logo jpg file is on file manager? Any help much appreciated.

(Dave Hughes) #2

Logo looks identical to me on all the pages (and always seems to link to the same image file). Could you try clearing your browser cache and look again ?

(Tim Wyllie) #3

Yes! It seems to have corrected itself. Weird. I had already cleared browser cache and it made no difference. Still happy it’s all ok again! Thanks for the reply.