Tesla Pro Banner not responsive in preview

Sure I didn’t used to have this issue with Tesla Pro but on a new project, the banner simply won’t play ball in preview mode. Remains full size and needs to be scrolled down a long way. Doesn’t matter if I use a stock or custom banner same problem. However it does work fine when published. Any ideas?

Hi there @manofdogz!

If you’d like to send me a ZIP file that includes your project file and the image you’re using for your banner I would be glad to have a look at it for you and see if we can’t suss out whatever problem you’ve run into.


Many thanks I’ll do that later

Not a theme issue - realised that I was getting a number of weird behaviours today - and not just with RW. Restart of mac seems to have sorted everything. Thanks but we can forget this one!

Good to hear. Glad you got it all sorted out.