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How would I set up a page so that it is in when someone goes to www.website.com “forward slash”
it goes to that page. I know that if the folder and index is named properly it will work but what if I am using a sub page for exempt my page is https://overflowdfw.com/Connect/events/

I would like it to be accessible by https://overflowdfw.com/events

Is there a way to reroute that other than using a forward on that location? Which has been buggy using the stacks I have?

Not sure what a forward is? Are you talking about starting the folder name with a /? That would be the most straight forward way.

When you say “accessible by https://overflowdfw.com/events” are you speaking of an outside link? or from within the navigation of the site?

Yes. But the index file will out it at /page/page because of its actual location.
By forwarding I mean a stack that will direct one page(folder) to another page(folder) But that requires another page.

Its not an outside link it’s within the site.

Thank for your help its hard to explain.

Why not just move ‘Events’ outside of Connect?

I have a pretty deep menu and don’t want another main menu item and I like it where it is.

You can leave it where it is in the menu and specify any path you like in the folder path field.

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