Link to a website subfolder

Hello, little problem with linking to other areas of the website.

I created a website in english and uploaded in the root folder, then I created a subfolder called /es/ for a copy of the same webpage in spanish. In the spanish website I wanted a link that brings back to the english part so a linked some text to the URL of the root folder.
The result is not what I expected. instead of linking it back to the root folder, when I click on the browser adds the direction i put in the URL link after the URL i’m already on, bringing me obviously to a 404 page

You can check this link at the bottom right of the page in the CHANGE LANGUAGE button, clicking on english,
Here is the spanish website:

By clicking on english I want it to go here

Other option would be having an ENGLISH button in the menú bar that leads to the english folder, would that be possible?



Did you notice that if you click on the “ESPANOL” link you also do get the same error? That’s because both these links are not correctly linked. As you can see in the screenshot the complete URL is repeated twice, which makes no sense and can’t work this way. Did you put in the links for the button manually or did you use RapidWeavers link dialogue?

Yes I know… but I used the rapidweaver link dialog

and I filled the link space exactly with the url I want it to go to…

Have you tried using the ‘page’ option instead of the URL in the link dialog?

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Thing is it’s not a PAGE where the link leads to… The Spanish and the english version are two different RW projects. It has to be a URL.

In that case try putting http:// in front of the link. It has worked for me in a similar project linking to another project.

thanks @thang the http:// worked!

Would it be possible to add english in the manu bar and when people click on it get redirected to the english website?

Glad that worked. I think you can use an Offsite page for the link to the other project. Look at this post: