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Hi, Rapidweavers! I’ve created a new Stacks page under a previously-existing Stacks page. This new page resides in the directory “Water”, which is located under the previous directory “styled-4”. (Yes, I know I need to rename all of those default names for SEO benefits – I’ll get to that soon!)
I’d like my users to be able to go to the new stuff simply by typing in the URL “”. Unfortunately, with the new page under the old directory, they’d have to type in “”.

How can I “skip” that gibberish directory name? What kind of little HTML page do I need to create under a new “water” sub-directory under the root? Can this simply be coded into htaccess somehow?

For what it’s worth, I’m hosting the site under GoDaddy. Thanks in advance, folks!

If you want the new page “water” to be off the root of the website, why not move that page to the main level of pages? I don’t follow why it’s under “styled-4”, if it’s not a sub-section of it.

Not at my Mac right now but you should be able to use an absolute path fo the folder name. Just start the name with a /.
So try changing the folder name to


Hello, Don. Thanks – and that definitely works, but the water “topic” fits better under that existing sub-menu. I’m reluctant to add yet another top-level page, because things are getting cluttered in the navigation area! That’s why I’d rather have the “water” directory placed within the existing directory path, but accessible independently.

Doug (@teefers) solution will work.

That said, search engines use the path (folders) to aid them in understanding the site structure and the relationship between content. Having “water” be a sub-folder of the other page may work better for SEO.

Hi, Doug. Holy smokes, that did it!!! I’d set the directory to “water” in the General Settings for that new page, but that only placed the new directory under the existing directory for the old navigation path. Adding the “/” forced the water directory to the root, AND IT WORKED!!
This is brilliant! Those little HTML things that those of us without formal training (or much experience) never learned…
Thank you, Doug.

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