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Hi, I’m interested in Rapidweaver

I would ask:

Is it possible to integrate autoresponder or
Can I integrate a facebook bot?
Can I integrate a LiveChat?
Can I create areas reserved for members only?
I can integrate with Google google recaptcha
Can I change the style of the Buttons or something else?
Can I integrate pages with Wordpress?
Can I integrate with Cookie Policy and GDPR bar?

I await your answers, thanks

You can use any html, php, css, etc, etc with RW. Thus, If you can find code, addon, and/or system that does what you want you can put it on your html/php page. There are some stacks that work with the Stacks3 (soon to be Stacks4) addon that do exactly what you want.

I have 3rd party index/search running on my site and a 3rd party cart. I also code my own sitewide php “includes”.

As for Stacks… I wouldn’t consider using RapidWeaver without it. If RW is a “10” out of the box, Stacks3/4 makes it a “100”

Stacks is essential a system that allows 3rd parties (you?) to creat code snippets to add to RW and having an interface for option settings, etc. Just search the web for “Rapidweaver Stacks”

Hope that helps.

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