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I have used Rapidweaver in the past once but then moved to Wordpress.com. I feel now however, I want my own website and some flexibility. In my old RW website, I self-hosted my audio and video but I would like to simply embed my audio and video from Vimeo/Youtube and Soundcloud. I downloaded the demo version of Rapidweaver and what I understand is that I need to get an extra stack to be able to embed Soundcloud and Vimeo media. Is that correct or is there something that I am missing?

Hi Samuel,

not necessarily. You can use the ‘share’ code that’s provided by YouTube and Vimeo and paste it into a Styled Text page (this is included in Rapidweaver). Then highlight the code, open the Format menu and choose Ignore Formatting. In the attached image I’ve added a video and Soundcloud track using a standard RW theme.

However, in terms of laying out pages and including stuff like this, you’ll find Rapidweaver on its own is a bit limited and most people who use it also buy the Stacks plugin from YourHead Software. This allows you to access a huge library of ‘stacks’ which make it easy to include sound and video.

But if you’re just getting back into it, experiment with the demo and see how far you get.


Aha, I thought Stacks was the name for all add-ons and themes one can buy. So I would have to buy Rapidweaver itself, the Stacks add-on, and that will do the trick. For example, I see SoundCloud RapidWeaver Stack | RapidWeaver Community
I would not have to buy that if I have Stacks installed, right? Or is that add-on giving me more possibilities than the Stacks add-on.

You can compare Stacks plugin to a hub. Then, you use particular stacks (free and paid) as single devices that you connect to a hub. This is the difference between “Stacks” and “stacks”.

So, you need both “Stacks” and “stacks”. They do not work independently. Themes are a separate kind of addons.


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