About integrating and not integrating


I am a happy RW7, Stacks 3, and Foundation user. I have built several websites with these tools, and they all works beautifully :slight_smile: Besides that I am a passioned genealogist, and one of my sites are made with the purpose to support fellow genealogists.

But I am challenged on integration other applications on my RW pages.
The way I do it now, is by using the offsite stack, and it works very fine, but it has some

An example:
I offer a service to my users where they can establish and maintain their private famiy trees. The application I use for that is called Webtrees and is based on open source software, and MySQL.
All the services I offer for my users are free of charge, and the only way I can get a small coverage of the expences I have ofering services is by adding ads to my site.

So much about the background story.

What I have done to make things work is to install Webtrees on a location on my server, and to use the offsite stack to present it on my site. It is important to keep the users on my site for a number of reasons:

  1. The ads
  2. The site offers a lot of other services that users should be able to access direktly
  3. Security reasons. I have login and registration security on my site, because I want to offer the highest degree of data security for my users.

The problem is, that the Webtrees application is located somewhere else, and the URL is shown several places in the application - which just might encourage the smartest of users to try and access this URL in stead of my site. This means problems regardig all three above mentioned reasons.

So my question is if anybody knows some way to make a “real” integration for such an application.

I hope this makes sense - and I hope that somebody have a “golden idea” :slight_smile:

Hello… I’m not familiar with Webtrees but if you check they probably supply a php code “snippet” which you can install on any RW page. I’m not sure why you’d use on offsite page to direct back to your own site. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Thus, the main php script (webrees app) typically would be installed anywhere you want on your server (php folder?) and then you place the calling script on the RW page and it appears whereever you place that code.

Hope that makes sense. That is typically how these work.



I agree with Greg.

So my question is if anybody knows some way to make a “real” integration for such an application.

There is no such thing as ‘real’ integration. Just integration. Makes no difference whether you are trying to integrate with Wordpress, Rapidweaver or a hand coded or bought template site, its really just about linking up your applications required resources and placing the code and references wherever they need to be.

Rapidweaver and Stacks does not impede you from doing this. The HTML stack is one of the most powerful stacks and is your ally here.


Thanks @1611mac and @kryten

I will try to work with your suggestions. Thanks a lot.

Sadly, the developers of Webtrees does not seem to be able to help with a php snippet calling the application. This is a problem for me (who is not a code guy).

@1611mac, you say that it does not make sense to you why I am running this as an iFrame within RW. Well - there are several reasons - one is that I want to keep my users on my site for user-practical reasons, another is that I have a rather high degree of security on my site which I want my users to benefit from, and a third is that I have ads on my site which is the only way that I can get a little coverage for my expenses running these sites for my members.

Well - Webtrees is an open software application and it is allowed to make any changes needed to fit ones specific needs. So I think that a skilled web-professional might be able to make a rather simple integration like this in my environment. Do you agree? And do you know anybody who might take on such a task?

I don’t know what Webtrees is… I don’t understand your implementation at all. It was my guess that it was a php script (app) that you would install and run on your RW site… I looked quickly at the site and they say it is to be installed on your server and runs under php so I don’t see why you would run it in an iFrame.


I downloaded and installed Webtrees to try to see what’s what.

Sent you a PM.