Insert an image in the sitemap

Can I in RW 5 with an older theme insert an image in the sitemap and if so how?

Are you talking about sitemap.xml file, RW Sitemap plug-in page, or a sitemap page you build yourself with Stacks?

I talk about a sitemap.xml file, the one that create automatcaly

Henk van Mierlo
Laan van Leeuwesteyn 69
2271 HJ Voorburg
+31(0)6 53 27 70 48

If there is a way to insert an image into sitemap.xml file, I’ve never heard of it. But wait for answers from other forum users…

I would think you are an image sitemap maybe? Not adding an image to an existing sitemap.xml.

There are some external products that can create an image sitemap.

More info on image sitemaps:


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