Inserting Tables Into Accordion?

OK… I may be an idiot but have to believe there is a simple way to do this:

I am using RW v5.04 on a Mac platform.

I have a page with the Accordion v1.75 and on each expandable title I need to insert a 3 or 4 column table.

In the past I just created the table in MS Word and did a cut and paste - which worked perfectly. But I have since migrated to Mac Pages for word processing and no longer have a valid copy of MS Word.

Now when I cut and paste a table into the Accordion there is a HUGE amount of blank space before the table starts - you have to scroll down forever. Once you get to the table it looks great but I can’t figure out how to delete all that space.

Any ideas? I know there must be a way but I’m stuck. Thanks in advance for your time and input.

Do a command p in Pages and this will bring up a print preview. See if the space is present when you do this. If it is, go under View - Show Invisibles and see if there is anything hidden that you can delete.

If that doesn’t work then my last trick is this… go to Format (paint brush icon) this is what you should see:

Click on the box that says “remove ligatures”

I’m not promising anything but it’s worth a shot.