Creating table in edit area of style text page


I am a new user, and would like to know if it is possible and how to create a table inside the the Edit panel for pages that allow you to type in styled text?



You don’t need to write code in order to create and edit a table. There are plenty of specialized stacks for that. Take a look at this link.

Hi thanks for replying. Do you know any free one? It is a bit frustrating paying an expensive software and then for everything else need to pay again.

Tables are pretty basic no?


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Tables “can” be very basic, but also very fancy. There are a few stacks for table creation. If you don’t want to use them (none that I know of for free) then there are several good websites that will allow you to create a table, with CSS styling, and auto-convert to HTML/CSS which you can insert into an HTML, Markdown, or Styled Text (in the case of the latter you will need to apply “ignore formatting”).

There’s many such tools, but it also includes:



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Thanks Matthew,

I know how to create the table with HTML, but I don’t find where to include HTML code in the Edit panel.

I also tried to download several plugins for Rapidweaver 7 trial, but none of them are loading, or I am really ignorant. Spent hours trying to see the plugin, reboot, all, but no.

Hmm . . . its seems you do not have Stacks. That’s the most recommended plugin.

Unfortunately I can’t help with your plugins not showing problem. That’s a completely different matter. I would suggest starting a new thread where that’s the topic. There are folks who can definitely help you with that … but they might not read this particular thread.

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If you indeed don’t have the Stacks plugin, just add the new page of the HTML Code kind to your RW project and type a code directly.

Which will give you this result:

This table is made by pasting-in a Bootstrap snippet of code.

However, making a purchase of Stacks plugin is like using the whole new website-building application that adds a ton of different possibilities to your designing, on top of RapidWeaver.


it could be just as simple as not highlighting the code within your edit section and choosing “ignore formatting” from the RW edit menu, (shortcut is “cmd+.”).

The code will be formatted with a light pink background to indicate that this should be treated as code rather than regular text.

I just wanted to make sure you were not missing this trick…

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