Inserting Table Into Accordion

(Chris Horvath) #1

OK… I may be an idiot but have to believe there is a simple way to do this:

I am using RW v5.04 on a Mac platform.

I have a page with the Accordion v1.75 and on each expandable title I need to insert a 3 or 4 column table.

In the past I just created the table in MS Word and did a cut and paste - which worked perfectly. But I have since migrated to Mac Pages for word processing and no longer have a valid copy of MS Word.

Now when I cut and paste a table into the Accordion there is a HUGE amount of blank space before the table starts - you have to scroll down forever. Once you get to the table it looks great but I can’t figure out how to delete all that space.

Any ideas? I know there must be a way but I’m stuck. Thanks in advance for your time and input.

(LJ) #2

if you copy the Pages table and paste ‘unformatted’ (Option command v) it will paste as text at the top.

Pasting formatted text from a word processing package is generally not a good idea as you’ll introduce incompatible style fro the word processing document into your html - display could easily go haywire