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@instacks Hi Jannis,
is there a possibility to download folders within your Repository Stack?
If it doesn’t have that kind of functionality, do you see the possibility, that is has that option after the next Update? ;o)

Thanks a lot for your help


Thanks, that’s on the todo list.


An approach you can use for now is to create a zipped folder of materials. Folks can download zip files quite easily. I know it’s not the exact solution you wanted, but it works very well!

Hey Mathew,
thxs 4 the idea, but then the uploader has to create that zip and load it onto the server.
I can’t create a zip inside the RPStack, or am I wrong?

Yes, the uploader-person has to create the zip file and load it. Normally this should not be a problem.

I don’t know what the RP Stack is. If you mean Repository then : no.

I guess this all depends on the specifics. If you are the creator of the zip then just do it on your computer first. If someone else has uploaded all the materials I suppose you could download them all yourself, then put into a folder, zip the folder and upload. Not elegant but doable. It all depends on who is doing what.

I work with students and teaching them how to create a zip folder is very straightforward. (I don’t assume they know how.) Maybe you work with a group where this is hard to teach, but if not it can be done simply for Windows and Macs users.

Jannis: I have no idea how easy/hard it would be to implement such a feature. If possible it would be quite nice!

Zipping and unzipping is on the todo list :+1::sweat_smile:


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