Instagram Feed Stack - Are they all working?

I have Instaviewer and it just recently stopped working, I contacted the developer and they basically said Instagram must have changed something and they have no solution. So I guess I need a new instagram feed stack. Can someone recommend one that is currently working?

I’m still waiting for an official reply from Instagram to determine if this is a short-term technical glitch at their end or if they’ve decided to cull support for all third-part integrations, without giving developers and users prior notification. Coincidently, 1st June (yesterday) was when they switched on support for video and non-square images.

I updated the stack in February with support for Instagram’s latest authentication requirements and new image link formats. I notice on the Instagram developer website that previous codes I setup are marked as ‘sandboxed’ and you have to get apps registered / approved by Instagram to continue using these outside of a sandbox (test mode). But strangely when you go through the app registration process, it specifically says website embeds and implementations that use Client ID / Access Tokens don’t require registration! So I’ve got no idea what game Zuckerberg is playing at here…

I hear that recent updates to the Instagram iOS and Android apps have given people a lot of grief in recent weeks too - uploads not always working, photo’s missing and social sharing not working. Using other stacks to embed images in webpages (that don’t have dependency on Instagram) might be wise move to make. Basically just cut Instagram entirely out of the equation and take independent control of uploading and hosting your own images.

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Changes to the Instagram API on 1st June 2016 and how to get the InstaViewer stack working again:

  1. Download the InstaViewer 2.1 update and install it, or purchase the stack from the website
  2. Go to Instagram in your web browser. Login and make sure any ad-blockers are disabled (VERY IMPORTANT).
  3. Go to this website and click the button to create a new Access Token
  4. A page on Instagram will load asking for confirmation to create a new PXU Access Token. Click ‘Authorise’
  5. The page will refresh an a new token is shown.
  6. The first 9 numbers before the full stop (.) are your user ID. Carefully copy and paste these into the user ID field within InstaViewer
  7. Copy and paste the entire token (including the first 9 numbers of your user ID) into the Token field, within InstaViewer
  8. Switch RapidWeaver into preview mode and check you can view your images and they open in lightboxes

An example user ID would look like this:

And an example user token would look like this:

As of 1st June 2016, Instagram / Facebook only let you embed a maximum of 20 images from your own feed. This means that only the last 20 images you uploaded to Instagram will show. You can no longer display images that other people have uploaded / shared with you or show images by tags or search keywords. A maximum of 500 website visitors are permitted to view your InstaViewer page each hour. These are limitations imposed by Instagram, not the InstaViewer stack.

If you use CloudFlare on your website, purge your cache after applying the update and republishing the page.


@buggeyes - I think they’re all working again :slight_smile:

@willwood has made a great update to his - looking good.

And ours is pulling in from Instagram again too (after a few days being down):

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post deleted no longer relevant

Sorry to see this post was deleted. Anyone notice that none of the Instagram stacks are working? Even the demo sites for Yuzool & Stacks for Stacks are not pulling in the feeds.

I just posted looking for one that is currently working, hopefully someone out there has a solution! I was using Instaviewer…

I did check to see if some of the other (Wordpress, etc) plugins were still functioning, and they were. This is reminiscent of how the Facebook feed went (and Instagram is now under FB).

I just signed into the developer area of the Instagram API, it looks like my status is now in “sandbox mode”.

Here is the link to the notice about the changes on their developer’s blog:

As I understand it Instagram has shut down it’s feed api and that came into effect on the 1st June. It was announced last year here is an article about it:

I didn’t know about it until yesterday, public or hashtag feeds can’t be displayed on websites anymore.

I read the article last night. If they did kill off the ability to pull in your own feed, it confirmed everything I worried about when Facebook gobbled it up.

Joe’s QuickPics Instagram works still

you can see a page I just published here:

Thanks Zeebe. Great news! After reading through the various articles it wasn’t 100% clear the intent was also to stop people from posting their own feeds.

I already sent a note to Michael at Yuzool, since I was using his stack on one of my sites.

Did you have to update the api for it to work?

Nope, Joe has released an update but I do not think it had to do with the API

I think you’re fine publishing your own feed from your own Instagram account. The changes mean from 1st June you can no longer publish someone else’s public Instagram feed or an Instagram feed defined by a hashtag.

So for example if you had a feed on a website to bring in Instagram posts based on #rapidweaver or displayed someone else’s public Instagram feed on a website it will no longer work.

It is my own feed. I checked, and I am sandboxed.
Not sure if that is the issue as that is really aimed at developers and apps.

Maybe I need to regenerate my codes and authorization again.
At least I am in good company. Yuzool & StacksforStacks are having the same issue.

I am guessing the update is what took it out of begin sandboxed on June 1.

Michael at Yuzool says there are new limits to only have 20 images pulling in (which is fine for a lot of uses).
Although you have more than that. Since your stack is still functioning, there is a bright side…

Actually the update removed two options that no longer work with the API. Joe’s stack also allows for more than 20 images, you can see that on my test page
There are 55 images showing, so much more than 20.

I saw that. Hoping the other stacks get it working too.

Yep noticed that 1LD connect instagram has the same isssue, anyone using that stack with any success?

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that because Joe’s stack was updated after the cutoff date, it was not sandboxed. I think if the other 3 stacks are updated, and go through the permissions review process ( they will work too.

I don’t know what the general policy about sharing workarounds is from one developer to another, but maybe this can be a kumbaya moment.

Personally, I have two Instagram stacks, and would not be too keen on buying a third at this point. Especially when I know the API is likely to change again on the whims of Facebook.

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