Instagram link icon


I have downloaded the theme “Origin” to improve my website.
But I can`t find a way to get at proper instagram icon like they got on Squarespace.
Can anyone help me?

This should help.



Hello and thank you for the answer.

Does this mean I have to buy the 80 $ package?
Or is it a cheaper way to get it done?

Don’t think so, you should be able to just type in the code, following their examples but substituting Instagram for whatever example they use.

But the theme author will be able to advise definitively.


Don’t know that theme or where you are wanting to place the icon. Without a URL to the site, it would be difficult to say for sure.
The font awesome for Instagram would be this:

<i class="fab fa-instagram"></i>

You may need addition styling:

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Thank you.

I probably just need to use some more time figuring it out.

Here is my URL. A thin website at this point.
I want to put the icon on the left side of the images, below the header.

Difficult to see or help because you’ve disabled right clicking so I can’t inspect anything.

Maybe @Lucas can help?

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Thanks @robbeattie

@Kistian copy & paste the following snippet to the page’s sidebar, then use the link buttons at the bottom of the sidebar to add a link:

<div id="myExtraContent1"><i class="uk-icon-instagram uk-icon-small"></i></div>

You may also use the examples included:


Also noticed that your images are oversized and not optimised for web use, some are over 10MB. Take a look at this article it may help you:

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Sorry for the off-topic post, but @robbeattie, if you ever need to get the Web Inspector open and right-click does not work, look in the Develop menu:

You can get to it there too. :smiley:


Cool Rob. Didn’t realise that. Thanks!


Thank you very much for a much useful tip!

As @zeebe pointed out you can do this in any browser. That’s what is stupid about disabling right click. It takes away all options, like opening a link in a new tab, and it doesn’t stop downloading images. Folks that steal stuff know how to do this, and the real wholesale thieves use automatic screen scrapers and don’t even notice you have that option disabled. All it does is create a poor user experience.

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How do you enable right click in Rapidweaver? I never turned it off.

How do you get the link active? Mine is inactive, even though i get the instagram-icon to show.

No clue, not something I have ever done.

Hi again.

I copied the text from the example project, and that worked.
Thank you.

Hey @Kistian I see you managed to add the link, bravo! Nice website by the way :grinning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will start building it more precise and with more content when Im understanding the details. Maybe youve got a tip for how I can get a logo in the website tab?
Is it possible just using an image?