Instagram logo - Artful Theme

I am building a website using the new Artful Theme.
The theme gives me enough flexibility to add images and texts with its new column style so I dont even have to use stacks to create each page. I am using ‘styled text’ drag and drop images and the text in the page side bar.

However am trying to add the instagram logo in the footer and am not able to figure it out. This is what I have done so far:

  1. i dont understand the new Web Icon so I read some of the older conversations here in this forum and used Rapid Icons to create the Instagram logo (favicon.ico)
  2. I dont see any place in the footer to add the image so for now I hv added the Instagram logo in my page side bar. It works but I dont like it. I would rather have it in the footer as a constant fixture on each page without interfering with the page design.

The photo attached is a cropped version of the screenshot (of the preview)

Any feedback?
Thank you.


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