Integrating with LeadPages is it possible?

Hi, I noticed that wordpress can integrate with Leadpages easily.
Does anybody know if Rapidweaver does as well? e.g. if you site is done through rapidweaver, create a leadpage through leadpages that will have the same url but obviously ending different (ie different folder)

Hi, Leonie,

If you are willing to use Rapid Weaver, then why do you want to bother with Leadpages or WP and then integrate them? As I understand, Leadpages is a paid subscription plan for a minimum of $25/month. Using RW, you can build as many websites as you want without any subscription price. You can start with RW alone for simple websites and then, as needs and skills grow, you can gradually invest more and more in add-ons (but you don’t have to).

RW together with some add-ons is a very versatile and flexible tool. You can use it to build any kind of website you want. If you have any problems or questions, you can ask here. This forum is very friendly and helpful.

Thank you so much Rob. You are probably right in that I should continue with Rapidweaver. My reason was twofold and more for a quick temporary fix. I have learned Rapidweaver now and Foundry now, except - Firstly: I was having trouble customizing the sign in form more, where the visitor only has to enter their Email (and not Name, and then Email). I was using Form Pro in Foundry. So I thought Leadpages would be a quick fix until I’d have time to figure that out. Secondly: There seems to be an easy cart system to sell digital products with LeadPages; and with Rapidweaver I just haven’t figured out the best or easiest cart system for digital products. I heard of Ecwid, and Rapidcart, but I dont know how long it may take me to learn those, or if they will look as pretty as Leadpages has it. Finally (third), LeadPages has a very nice Countdown timer you can use (days,hours,min,sec), and I also haven’t found that either yet, not to mention they look so quick and easy to make. Thanks for any thoughts!

If I may suggest anything, this is the first thing: concentrate on one platform and one app (Rapid Weaver). When you’ll learn it thoroughly, this will be enough to build great sites. That way, you won’t get distracted by other platforms/apps and you will learn quicker, which will lead to better results.

For a similar reason, do not buy any add-ons you don’t immediately need. Otherwise, you may end up never using them. Do your research before making a purchase. That said, it would probably be very difficult to come up with a task and not find an add-on made specially for it.

Very important: choose your add-on developers wisely, because they are not offering equal quality, value and support.

When seeking help and advice from this forum, ask focused, precise and easy to understand questions – preferably, taking on one issue at a time.

Good luck!

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Thank you Rob! Will do and thank you for the tips and your support! :slight_smile:

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