360 images stacks

Are there any stacks which let you display 360 images inside of RW? I know there are a few popping up for Wordpress. I’m having to use an external service at the moment and then embed the code into RW would be way easier to do it inside RW.


I haven’t done it myself but there were a couple of suggestions in this post:

I never added this link on that post that @jabostick links you too, as he was asking for navigation, something that this stack of Joe’s does not have

But it still shows a good 360 of images, which is what you are asking for.

My are in Spanish, but you can take a pick. Remember that speed is to be considered. We have no problem at all.

with RW PhotoAlbum (as a whole we got more than 3,000) in that size.

with WeaverPix from Chilli Dog, (we have 50 now) we use to run 300+

Thanks for the replies but I mean something like this where you can scroll around.


Sorry, that’s to advance for my capacity. Good luck!

I use Pannellum. I started working on a stack for it but haven’t had time to complete it due to projects outside of Rapidweaver.

They haven’t updated the version used on the home page. The latest version has support for the gyroscope when on mobile. Just tap the compasses. https://pannellum.org/documentation/examples/tour/

To show my panoramic photographs at my website I use Panoramastudio 3 Pro (https://www.tshsoft.com/en/index ) and Zoomify (http://www.zoomify.com/ ). To my knowledge you absolutely need these kind of applications to display panoramas at their best on a website.

For example:
I made https://www.limburgs.land/zomer-360/garekieker.html with Panoramastudio Pro 3 and http://www.360limburgs.nl/ was build with Zoomify.