Interested to hire a freelancer to upgrade and improve a RW5 site

We are a nonprofit organization located in NY.
We are looking for an experienced RW developer / freelancer to take a fairly complex RW5 site, upgrade it to RW7, change the theme to make it look current and be mobile responsive, and implement some structural and esthetic improvements. It can be done in phases and maintain most of the existing content. We hope that at the end we will have the ability to update the site from multiple macs or via web interface.
Please contact me if you are interested, or if you know of a forum / website where I can post such requests.
Thanks, Ron

A link would be helpful to see what it is. BTW I never would try to upgrade, if the site is complex - that is an impossible mission in my eyes. Rebuilding is most of the time faster and much more secure. Making a static site responsive is most of the time not possible without a redesign.


Please send your Project File to get a quote