Introducing Profession Project For UIkit. Plus New UIkit Bundle

I’m pleased to announce my latest project for UIkit3 for Rapidweaver is now available.



Time Limited Introductory Price Of Only €18.
(Normal price €25)

Built using only the native Uikit3 stacks, Profession is designed for the professional sector, like insurance, finance, service etc. Of course, though, it can be used for any business.

Standard is four pages, each with lots of different layout options.

You will also see an extensive main drop-down menu containing five top-level menu items, each with lots of subpages. In the demo, these subpage links all link to a single demo page. The purpose of this menu is to give you lots of options for growing your own version of the project.

As with all my templates, I’ve focused hard on pushing the native stacks above and beyond their intended use. So with that in mind, I should point you towards the following…

Services Page

The main content on this page uses the UIkit3 Tabs stack, but I’ve heavily modified it using custom CSS to give a very different layout to the default.

Contact Page

I’m particularly pleased with this one. It uses the default Accordion stack mixed in with the Position stack, which gives an exciting way of displaying large sections of content in a small footprint.

All custom CSS is available right inside the project, so you can edit and adapt it yourself if you wish or use it “as-is”.

UIKit Bundle

As I now have a few popular UIkit projects, I’ve put together a bundle.

UIKit3 Bundle

This includes my five most popular UIkit3 projects, all for €50 (normal price €91).

Any questions, feel free to ask below.

UIkit3 available here Made by @Lucas


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