Introducing UIkit for RapidWeaver

UIkit for RapidWeaver

After several months of development it’s with great pleasure that I’m introducing UIkit for RapidWeaver. UIkit is lightweight and faster compared to other frameworks, has some very nice features and is all built for Stacks. It allows you to built completely distinctive websites, has an easy-to-use way of applying custom fonts and customize the pages in general.

There are 30 stacks currently available, sold as two kits of 15 stacks each:

  • Starter Kit with the essentials
  • Addon Kit with slideshow, parallax and many more components to animate your project.
  • The UIkit Bundle gives you all 30 stacks at a discounted price.

The UIkit Theme is free to download. You may also purchase the Marathon theme made for UIkit: this is the theme currently used in my Archetypon website. I’m planning to release other themes for UIkit in the near future, so to take advantage of other RapidWeaver plugins like the Blog.

Visit the UIkit for RapidWeaver mini site: Archetypon
All examples are given for free: Archetypon
Tutorial videos available here: Archetypon


It looks good. No form stacks?

Amazing Bundle, with a lot of power…


Good work bought this over the weekend. Very polished work

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Now just to get some Theme developers on board :wink:

Nice work so far @Lucas!


On board with what?!!?

With UIKit of course as per the subject @zeebe

I know it is a framework, but Themes can also be developed for it instead of Foundations or BootStrap IMHO of course as @Lucas has shown with his Blank Theme and Marathon Theme :wink:


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There are those that are daunted by a blank canvas so templates are what @Turtle is probably thinking of.

Yeah, that is what I was thinking, but I highly doubt any actual theme developers will make project files for a competitors theme. Maybe some advanced users, which would be good to see, but I really doubt a Theme developer will.

If you’re referring to project files, no that is not what I was referring, I was referring to actual Themes for RapidWeaver.

I wasn’t asking if anyone on Team Joe Workman would do it or any other framework developers, there are many other Theme developers out there without their own framework that might take an interest, perhaps even some Project folks will do something… just saying’ lol :ok_hand:



Funny, as I never even mentioned Joe.

Also, this is getting off subject of the topic at hand, the UIKit theme set. Very nice set @Lucas

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@WDA @scottsteven @zeebe @Turtle Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just an updater to the previous reply, Contact Form has been added to the pack:


Gallery Stack 3 with version update 3.2.3 now supports the native UIKit Grid wit responsive grid settings.



@instacks Nice addition, love it :grinning:

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Hi all,

@ Lucas
I just start my website with your UiKit stack and them, the learning curve is so easy and the speed is amazing, bravo!

A question, do you plan to add «SEO stack» something like in Foundation… It would be a great addition!!

Good work!

Hi @Fitz, glad that you’re liking the kit :slight_smile: although a SEO stack is not on the plans, it’s noted for future consideration.