Introducing RWML 2 - the ultimate multilingual solution for your websites

RWML (or RapidWeaver Multilingual) is the ultimate set of stack elements for helping you make your RapidWeaver website fully multilingual. These powerful stacks let you translate just about every aspect of a webpage. Your website visitors can choose their preferred language from a select menu or custom flags / links. Their language choice is ‘remembered’ by the system; on subsequent visits and page views.

Over the course of nearly two years, the stacks have been completely rewritten around a shiny new, intelligent, reliable and ultra-efficient PHP codebase. This latest version of RWML gives you immense flexibility for building the perfect, multilingual website you never thought was possible with RapidWeaver! The sophistication and advancements made in RWML v2 are truly remarkable.

RWML 2 is a major update. To briefly summarise the main changes that have happened in RWML v2:

  • The editing interface has been improved; with emphasis on making the stacks easier to use and bringing the most important settings and instructions to the front.
  • Some stacks have been merged together. For example, instead of there being three different switch stacks, there is now just one. Expanded settings let you swiftly toggle between different switch types.
  • We now use server-side code (like PHP) to determine what content to display. What’s the big deal with this? Server-side means only the content relevant to the selected language is sent down to the web browser. This brings enormous efficiency savings. Plus smoother and faster loading websites.
  • A couple of the stacks have been renamed, to better-reflect their revised roles within the RWML set.
  • The new ‘RWML Wrapper’ stack lets you effortlessly place other stacks inside. You can regulate when those stacks are shown, based on the current language selection.
  • All the RWML stacks are now rebranded as ‘Stacks4Stacks’, with new meta data, support links and secure update checking capabilities.
  • We are now making use of newer Stacks API features. These will give you faster page previewing, better compatibility with other stacks and improved reliability with an ever-growing choice of web browsers.
  • The RWML Menu stack no longer overwrites elements in navigation links (like spans and Font Awesome icons) and should work more reliably with a greater choice of theme designs and frameworks. It can now simultaneously translate mobile, desktop and breadcrumb links in most themes.
  • RWML is no longer dependent on older third-party addons (like PlusKit) which have been known to sometimes cause RapidWeaver problems (especially after updates). Everything can now be accomplished with RWML and Stacks. No extra purchases required.
  • A brand new ‘RWML Meta’ stack at the request of former users, for improving SEO (search engine optimisation) and Twitter / Facebook sharing.
  • The RWML Sidebar stack can now also be used to embed content within ExtraContent containers, FreeStyle banners or custom containers, using Javascript.
  • Added a new ‘RWML Replace’ stack, to search and replace simple words or sentences in those harder-to-reach outside parts of a webpage, with simple Javascript. For example, mobile menu toggle buttons, site titles, site slogans and footer copyright text.

Click here to read more about RWML, watch a tutorial video, download a free demo version and access the new (illustrated) user guide.

Looking to update from RWML v1? Please carefully read the user guide to understand the update process involved. If you purchased RWML after 1st July 2017, you can download the update direct from your Paddle account. For any purchases before this date, please get in contact before Saturday 30th September 2017 (with proof of purchase), to claim a 100% coupon code. The free update window closes after this date.

RWML v2 requires Stacks 3.5 or later


I can not say enough how great the RWML stack is, a 10/10. Now with your update should be even better … looking forward to it :smile:


Read the Ninja News review of RWML at:


Hi, RWML seem really handy, similar to a plugin I was using with WordPress but with more options.
I’m sorry for the question but I don’t know much about stacks (although I have the last version installed and bought several stacks packages): Could this work with any (commercial) theme or just with stacks based pages? (I ask cause the WordPress plugin applied to any theme)

Hi Mnolo,

Good question. You do not need any special theme to use RWML. Although as I mentioned in the user guide, I would recommend a good quality theme. Let’s just say there are quite a lot of older themes which are junk! Sometimes these old themes cause problems.

For building a quality multilingual website, you ideally want a clean and uncluttered theme design that puts maximum emphasis on your content. A theme which is going to result in faster loading pages and pages that can resize to fit different devices.

Try downloading and installing the free demo version of RWML. That will let you explore all the options in the stacks and test it against your themes.

It is possible to use RWML in some non-Stack page types using the older PlusKit method. This is covered in the user guide. That would let you add a RWML stacks to RapidWeaver page types like Markdown, HTML Code and Styled Text. But it will not work for the blog or photo album pages. PlusKit is an extra purchase, because it is made by another company (Yourhead).

Please advise me if you have any further questions about RWML.


Hi Willwood,

Thankyou very much for the answer. It gives me a good overview and makes worthwhile having a close look at the demo and the documentation. I’ll let feedback when I’ve found the time to test it.

Thanks again!



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Thank you very much for user friendly version 2 of RWML.

Beto Boton

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