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I have read the forum on this topic from a few years back. (RWML changes not shown in browser)

It struck me because I have similar problems. I have got the free demo of the lates version of the RWML stack and I am running Rapid weaver 8. I am trying out the multi language tool for my blog in which I work with the stack ‘Posters’. First I set up a RWML Base, then a Language Switcher and finally the Wrapper in which I drag and drop my poster item. However, on the preview page I just see a lot of duplicates of my poster items instead of a switch in language.

Does RWML work with my Poster stacks? I have exactly the same problem when I try it out at my home page so I think that can’t be the problem.

This is my web page:

Thanks a lot in advance.


In this photo you can see my settings of the RWML stack. Hope it makes it clear what the problem might be.

Hello @Anne,

Poster 1 works well with RWML, however, I typically use it in a different way. have the Poster stack outside, but use the RWML wrapper inside the Poster Items to show the different translations with in a post.

Is that what you want to achieve ? Or do you want to have separate post items in different languages, and only those of a certain language should be shown ?

(I will add a screenshot of my settings from my computer later)

Hello Anne,

According to your settings, you have only setup a ‘Switch’ for one language (English). So people will be able to switch to English, but not switch back to the default language again. This could be causing the confusion.

Another problem I see if that your webpage size is enormous. It took nearly 40 seconds to load at this end. Some of your images are over 5MB in size.

I think it would help to do some basic housekeeping first and get the website working in a more healthy state.

From what I wrote at the end of that other discussion, it appears that was user error - somebody having both HTML and PHP files published to the same location. I am not seeing that same problem here. So the two problems do not appear to be related.


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Hello again,

It looks like that you want to provide your recipes both in ‘Dutch’ and in ‘English’ - if this is correct, then you can use the same method as illustrated in the images below. I have a website with four languages, and therefore you always see four ‘RWML wrapper’ stacks in a block corresponding to the texts in the languages. Common stacks like e.g. image galleries are in-between the text blocks. The analogue in your case would be one poster item per recipe, and within each poster item you would have pairs of RWML wrappers with the corresponding text in Dutch and English. Your language switcher should have both entries for Dutch and English to be able to switch back and forth … it should work fine, Good Luck !



Hi Gerd,

Thanks for your elaborated response. That makes sense. We have a similar setup so it is very helpful to see your screenshot. Am I correct that you set up a RWML Base, and a Switcher both outside the Poster Stack first?

The stack looks really nice so I hope it will work. I come back to you when it does (or doesn’t ;). Thanks for your help.


@GKs Do you actually drop the text within the Wrapper and hide the text in your preview mode (I can not see that on your screenshot)? I have tried out exactly your setup but it doesn’t work yet unfortunately. I am able use the language switcher right but the text doesn’t change.

Thanks, Anne

Hello Will,

Thanks! Yes, it seems like that is one of the problems. I did’n realise that. However I now made both the Base and the Switcher with label 1: for Dutch and label 2: for English but it doesn’t work yet. I have followed the tips of you and Gerd. There has changed something since I don’t see just duplicated Poster stacks but I am still not able to see a change in languages. (Probably just because of the demo version?)

And secondly, that is right. It is ways to big now. I should really change the size of my images. Thanks for having a look and your feedback.


Correct - the switcher and base stack remain outside. I folded the wrapper stack (hide) in edit mode, just to show the overall structure, but not confuse with the content.

Just some thoughts: make sure that the two RWML wrapper stacks have the ‘en’ and ‘nl’ attribute assigned, and also have different text in the wrappers during our testing, so the content is different.

It might be easiest to provide you with a mini code example - do you us any specific framework like ‘Source’ or ‘Foundation’, etc. I should be able to make one just with the plain ‘Stacks’ stacks …

Hello Anne,

It might be easier to temporarily omit Poster stacks and get the basics working first.

On the product page I provide some free project files to download and play around with. These are ready to use straight away, tested and working. You can practice with swapping out the content with your own or adding new languages. These will give a good insight into how the stacks are configured and work.

It is possible to copy and paste these stacks into your main project, if you are happy with them and have something working correctly. At that point, you could then reinstate your Poster stacks.

Of note, RWML essentially gives you two possible build methods. You can either detect and dynamically swap content on the webpage, based on a users preferred language. Or setup two websites (one for English and another for Dutch) and use RWML for people to make their language selection and get redirected to the correct website.

For blogs, RW users tend to prefer the latter method. Because it means you can translate everything - the page names, the links, the blog articles, and everything else. Which can be advantageous if you want people to share your blog posts. If building this style of multilingual website, there would be little need to use the RWML Wrapper stacks.


Okay, then I did exactly the same.
That would be really nice. Thanks a lot. I think I am not using a specific framework. I am using the theme Endeavour of Michael David Design.

Hello Will,

That sounds as a good option. I now have difficulties to oversee the pages and stacks and with RWML it makes it more complex. I will try our your project files.
Yes, I agree with the latter option. Especially because I am just aiming for 2 different languages.
Thank you for your input and help!


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