Introducing....Source - a FREE 'micro' framework for RW!

(Wendy) #21

Are the ‘templates’ in the project files? Haven’t upgraded to Stacks 4 yet…so presume cant use them yet??

(Stuart Marshall) #22

The templates are within the installed stacks. But yes - you would need S4 to be able to see / use them.

(Wendy) #23

Thanks…thought so!!

(Stuart Marshall) #24

Hi All,

Source has been a great hit so far. Thanks a lot for the support. Just wanted to share a few new videos…

Many more to come!!

Also, please be sure to download the latest version of the demo project file as I have made a few improvements.

If you are enjoying Source please consider leaving a like / review on the RW Community site (free account required). It would be much appreciated. (The listing is not live on the site yet but should still allow you to review.)


(Chet) #25

I love that you built dark mode right into this.

(Stuart Marshall) #26

A week or so ago the latest version of Chrome (76) was released which has support for dark mode. That’s it, Safari and Firefox that now support it. Is something that could get popular in web design pretty soon!

(Rob Beattie) #27

Just purchased the Add on pack. Looking forward to using this to build a new site starting today.

(Stuart Marshall) #28

Thanks @robbeattie. Any questions just give me a shout.

(Rob Beattie) #29

It’s me…of course there’ll be questions! :sunglasses:

(Rob Beattie) #30

Any way to make headings start ranged left and then change to centred for mobile in Source?

(Stuart Marshall) #31

Yeah - just click the little plus button above the alignment buttons to open up the responsive options.

(Rob Beattie) #32

D’oh. Thanks. Works a treat.


(Rob Beattie) #33

Recommended stack for a simple slide show?

I’m trying to add a slider underneath a Source navigation stack with sub pages - i.e. a drop down menu - and the drop down doesn’t appear as it should when you click on it.

So far I’ve tried Stellar Stacks Slider and Nick Cates Superflex.

Don’t have a URL tonight but may have tomorrow.


(r) #34

Doobox’s Vegas slider stack
Weaverskingdom’s Slider classic stack
Workman’s moving box stack

(Don H) #35

You may have trouble with getting sliders to work in the drop down menu. It’s likely the same issue that occurs when you try to use a slider in a modal. Most sliders need to see the page area they will display in when the page is loaded, so that can set their size. Since the modal/lightbox/drop down menu isn’t displayed on the page on load, the slider is likely setting it’s height to 0. When the drop down is actually displayed, the slider is there but has no height.

Check with inspector and see the size of the slider in the drop down.

If you find a slider that works in a modal, it will likely work in the drop down menu.

(Stuart Marshall) #36

@robbeattie - have you definitely got the latest version of Source installed? There was an issue in v1.0.0 where you couldn’t see the Nav drop down if it was inside a partial.

If that’s not the issue then yes - a URL should help us see what is going on.

(Rob Beattie) #37

I’m on 1.0.3.

I’ve found that Elixir’s Orbit slider works fine, just wondered if there was a recommended one. Thanks for the other suggestions.


(Stuart Marshall) #38

It should work with any. Must be a layering issue of some sort.

I don’t have either of the original slider stack that you mentioned to test with but I’ll have a play about with some others.

My plan is to build up a list of people’s recommendations for sliders, accordions etc etc.

(Rob Beattie) #39

I think a recommended list would be great. Not necessarily to say that one slider is better than any other, but perhaps concentrating on those that are light on their feet and don’t add much weight to the page - which is kind of the point of Source.

(Stuart Marshall) #40

Just a note to say that v1.0.5 out later today will fix the layering issue (with some sliders etc).

Also, check out a great new project by Webdeersign that make use of Source. Some stunning svg graphics used throughout…