Source update - v1.1


We have just pushed out updates to Source and Source Addon stacks and have bumped the release version up to v1.1.

The headline new feature in this update is for the Grid Plus stack which now ships with its very own filter system (in keeping with the whole ethos of Source it’s a really efficient CSS only filter!).

You can see the filter in action on our Academy page and also in our brand new project file ‘Freeleancer’.

There have been a ton of smaller updates since Source was released. You can see details of them all listed here.

For those that don’t know, Source is a simple (yet powerful!) ’micro’ framework that is really lightweight (fast!!) and uses only modern CSS to power its layouts (no Javascript or jquery is used for this - in fact only the Nav bar stack uses any Javascript at all!).

If you have already checked it out then please consider leaving us a like and/or review over at the RapidWeaver Community.

Any questions just let me know!


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