Introducing Sunny - a FREE theme exclusive for RapidWeaver 8

An exclusive free theme design for RapidWeaver 8. Sunny is a pleasantly clean and uplifting theme design; with emphasis on flat design, modern typography and ample spacing. A simple 2-tier navigation layout provides a faster method for end users to navigate a completed website. Sunny includes some of the newest RapidWeaver 8 theme features, like RGBa support, number boxes and slider inputs.

Sunny would be a particularly great theme design to use for a smaller business, education or marketing website. This theme purposefully only supports two levels of navigation links and the sidebar is positioned below the main content container.

This is a very customisable theme and you can radically alter its appearance with little effort. For example, supplying a custom image in the Banner drop zone (within the Site Setup or Page Inspector) will instantly apply it as a header background. Perfect to use in conjunction with the built-in Unsplash stock photography options in RapidWeaver 8.

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Looks awesome, nice work @willwood :+1:

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Excellent stuff Will. As you know, I like simple and this looks very neat :0)

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