Rapidweaver 8 themes

Hi, I really love the new Rapidweaver 8 themes but I have a few questions … for my purpose, the new banners are huge in size, any way to reduce the size of the banner ?! second, the photogallery page on computer are ok, but common, an a mobile device is a nightmare, home, back and next buttons ? I was expected something more refined from you guys !

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Agree the photo gallery is somewhat basic. Plenty of 3rd party options out there however. I’d recommend Instacks “Gallery 3”.

Haven’t tried the new themes but have you attempted to put a slimmer banner in to see how they behave? Certainly many themes don’t dictate a particular banner ratio but leave it to you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

We do not currently have styling options for the height of the banners - I will discuss it with the team and see what/if we can do anything there.

This is an area that we’d like to improve upon in a future update - I can’t say any more than that right now!


Thanks, If your team can make the changes it will be great !!!

Yes I did, nothing is working what’s so ever

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