Introducing the new Zen theme for RapidWeaver

A continuation of what I discussed on Twitter a couple of weeks back.

I was challenged to take an “ancient” RapidWeaver theme (Japanese Fantasy) by a user, and totally overhaul and redevelop the theme to modern standards. The new Zen theme is the resulting outcome of this coding experiment. Since then, a couple of other people have reached out to me for a copy, and told me it worked brilliantly for them too.

Key features of Zen:

  • Fully mobile responsive and compatible with all newer web browsers.
  • Coded to the very latest HTML5 and CSS standards.
  • 3 accent colours red (default), green and blue.
  • Supports dragged and dropped banner images in the Page Inspector.
  • Several sizing options for things like breakpoints, padding and font sizing.
  • Change the positioning of titles, slogans, navigation and sidebars.
  • 10 ExtraContent containers.
  • Bootstrap 5 and Font Awesome Icons included.
  • Kaushan Script embedded fonts for headings.
  • Excellent accessibility standards for end users.
  • Compliant with important privacy laws, like GDPR & DSVGO.

Zen is provided as a free download. But if you like the theme or you want to disable the credits, please consider making a small donation to compensate for my time. Zen is almost an entirely new theme with few elements, graphics, or code reused from the original Japanese Fantasy theme.

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@willwood Looks great, keep up the good work :+1:

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@willwood Thank you, Will! I had selected Japanese Fantasy for my very first “public” RW-generated web site several years ago. I really liked the nice, “organic” look and feel, and was sorry to see how it sort of fell apart as RW, HTML and other tools continued to evolve and leave that theme behind.

So glad to see this one come back to life! I’ve just made a purchase to put this one back in my toolbox. Thanks again, Will.

@RobMustard Thanks for the donation, I am really pleased to hear you like this new theme and it’s found a place in your theme collection! :slight_smile:

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